Multi Spindle - Turned Parts

TORNIMA HISPANIA is a turned parts manufacturer with more than 25 years of experience in the field of CNC MULTI SPINDLE TURNING.

We are specialized in medium - high volume machining, thanks to our state-of-the-art CNC MULTI SPINDLE LATHES. Due to the cnc multi spindle turning, we are able to manufacture complex and precision turned parts, with any kind of material that may require your cnc machiningparts.

TORNIMA, in the medium - high volume machining field is focused in complex TURNED PARTS for the following sectors: Automotive precision turned parts, houseware appliances turned parts, connectors machining, fittings (brass turned parts), etc.

Your CNC machining parts can be delivered according to your needs:
 - Multi spindle lathe "Makila", where the precision turned parts manufacturer makes just the multi spindle turning. 
- Standard Outsourcing of precision turned components: The client purchases only the cnc machining parts and the supplier takes care of the previous processes to the multi spindle turning.
 - Full part solution: If requested, TORNIMA can take care of the full process of the turned parts for your high volume machining need, to deliver the finished part to the customer. Includes the CNC MULTI SPINDLE MACHINING job, previous and further processes.

Contact our multi spindle lathe specialists for further information about your high volume machining of turned parts!